Founder/editor in Chief, Founders Corner. A community manager, brand designer and writer. Very passionate about Crypto, NFTs and Design industry.

A competent brand designer and community manager whose mission is to bridge the gap between client’s imaginations and my creativity through my designs and professionalism.

I have had the chance to speak and work with some great people in the NFT space, such as:

  • Bebe Chez of Digi Monks
  • Pokeee.eth (holder of 88 degods)
  • Patrick (Creative Director of Hello Metaversal)
  • The founder of Dendekaden (an NFT project owned by One Piece, with a first collection floor price of 3.5 ETH)
  • Wisdom Matic (Founder of SpacePalsDao)
  • Nftboi (Founder of TBD)
  • Olive (tech lead at Solana Mobile)
  • ilnp (Founder of Kromes and degods member)
  • Akim (Japanese founder of Very Long Animals)
  • DegenMNFST (Team of manifest labs)
  • Solana Sensei (Top OG in the Solana space and founder of Namaste)
  • Crouserrr (Web3 content creator, Founder of EYEKONNFT and team of Bellstudios3)
  • ilmor (Tensor Marketplace Team)
  • Anthony Mongiel (Co-founder of Bulls and Apes project that has generated over $10M in volume on all collections).
  • T_H, the Lead Team of Clear Collectibles, 
  • Adamamcbride (Web 3 Content Creator)
  • KingBootoshi (Founder of Bitcoinboos)
  • Const_Quary (the founder of Magisat_io)
  • Satributes, Roy Blackstone (Creative director of Shadow War Game)
  • Brad Punkhouse (Founder of XPunksNft)
  • BitGod (Founder of QuadrillionArt/OXBT)
  • Zack Meyer (CoFounder of ord .io)
  • Troy and Dave (Founders of Ordinauts)
  • Intern (Team member of Monad)
  • Apes (Cofounder of metame)
  • Archron (Founder of Ordinal rugs).
  • What’s more, I have exciting interviews lined up with Armani (the Founder of Madlads/Backpack), and Antmonge (the Cofounder of Bulls and Ape).

Work Experience

I work for foxpals, a multinational project that has generated over 86eth volume eth on Opensea and has a successful connection with founders all over the globe. And the aim of foxpals is to connect with more prospect projects as possible.

– Provide personalized support and guidance to a diverse portfolio of clients, ensuring their success and satisfaction with the company’s products and services.

– Serve as the primary point of contact for clients, addressing inquiries, resolving issues, and managing escalations in a timely and effective manner.

– Proactively engage with clients to understand their business needs, goals, and challenges, and provide strategic recommendations to optimize their experience and achieve desired outcomes.

– Collaborate closely with cross-functional teams, including sales, product, and support, to ensure seamless onboarding, implementation, and ongoing support for clients.

Collaboration Manager

September 2023 – Present

I play a vital part in enhancing customer success by actively contributing to the development of best practices, refining processes, and creating valuable resources that have had a profound impact on the overall customer experience. I have achieved impressive results that speak to my ability to drive success.

September 2023 – Present

– Conduct regular business reviews with clients to evaluate their progress, identify opportunities for improvement, and showcase the value of the company’s solutions.

– Actively monitor customer health metrics and usage patterns to identify potential risks and take proactive measures to mitigate churn.

June 2023 – Till date

I am working for Suave Seals, a solana based community that has generated over 17k volume on MagicEden and has gotten collaborations with top Solana brands and projects like bodoggos, metame, gruuvies, soblin and many more projects that are heavily funded.

– Contribute to the development of customer success best practices, processes, and resources to enhance the overall customer experience and drive customer loyalty.

– Utilize CRM systems to accurately track customer interactions, document relevant information, and maintain up-to-date records.

– Achieved [specific accomplishments or metrics] during tenure, such as [increase in customer satisfaction, revenue growth, or client retention rate].



– Exceptional customer service and relationship management skills.
– Strong communication and interpersonal abilities.
– Proven problem-solving and conflict-resolution capabilities.
– Deep understanding of customer success principles and methodologies.
– Ability to work effectively in a fast-paced and collaborative environment.
– Excellent organizational and time management skills