At Founders Corner, we’re all about things Web 3, visionary founders, the incredible teams behind these projects and lastly, we’re passionate about how these founders are building amazing communities.

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Team led by @iamdotify, we’re obsessed with the potential of Web 3. It’s more than just technology – it’s about empowering communities and enabling innovation. That’s why we interview and tell stories of the visionary founders shaping this new innovation.

We bring you in-depth interviews, unique insights, and a deep appreciation for the passionate communities these founders are building. We believe their journeys hold valuable lessons for everyone interested in the future of the web.

In addition, we have a community of likeminded individuals who also have one main aim – to harness the power of Web3. 


On substack, we post our interviews with several worthy project founders in Web 3 – the founders changing the game. Get ready for inspiring stories, mind-blowing projects, and a sneakpeak into the future we’re all building together!

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